movietime - westernWESTERN / PROD: 1966 / R.TIME: 105' / colour


Albert Cardiff


A. Steffen - J. Garko - E. Blanc - C. of Angel


English, French, Spanish, German


A story which takes place in Texas, along the Mexican border. In the mid 1800's when the fastest gun was the determining factor of who was right or wrong and who should live or die, Johnny Liston has just been released from prison where he has wrongly served twelve years for a murder. He returns to Campos, the village where he was born, with a flame of fury burning within him and will not cool until he has laid hands on the real murderer. Campos has changed, because the whole town is terrorized by Johnny's brother, Sartana. He has even pointed his gun on his own mother and he has forced Manuela, Johnny fiancèe to be his lover. Johnny now realizes that the murder was committed by his brother. They meet. Sartana hits Johnny's gunhand and is about to shoot him dead when a rifle shot rings out and Sartana falls senseless to the ground. Manuela has at last avenged herself.