AMORE E CHIACCHIERE (Salviamo il panorama)

movietime - classicCLASSIC / PROD: 1957 / R.TIME: 92 ' / black-white


Alessandro Blasetti


Vittorio De Sica - Gino Cervi - E. Cegani - A. Panaro


Italian, Spanish, German


In order to avoid the construction of a clinic for the elderly that would ruin the view, the owner of a beautiful villa is trying by all means to convince the Vice-Mayor to stop the works. In the meantime, the Vice-Mayor's son runs away with his girlfriend his parents did not approve of. In exchange for information about his son, the Vice-Mayor is forced to support the construction of the clinic for the elderly. A happy ending for everybody but the rich owner, who will never again enjoy the beautiful view on the bay!