movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1951 / R.TIME: 88' / black-white


Mario Mattoli


F. Tagliavini - Mario Riva - R. Billi - N. Manfredi




While Mario and Riccardo, two professional thieves, are intent on committing a crime, they hear a wonderful voice singing and discover it belongs to an electrician named Marco. They are so impressed that they decide to exploit the possibility of launching him as a professional singer - as an alternative to their life of crime - and, after overcoming the many difficulties involved, they persuade Marco to sign an advantageous contract. But, to their dismay, Marco is unable to overcome his shyness and can't sing in public. Only love can work a miracle! Marco is in love with Elsa, who doesn't love him. He offers her the three million lire assured by the contract, which she uses to free her fiancè who, in a moment of weakness, has committed a robbery. Marco's singing serves to free Mario and Riccardo, who are again in the hands of the police and offers them the possibility of a brighter and more virtuous future.