ARMA, L’ORA, IL MOVENTE (L’) (L’ora, il luogo, il movente)

movietime - warTHRILLER / PROD: 1972 / R.TIME: 105 ' / colour


Francesco Mazzei


R. Montagnani - B. Moratti - E. Czemerys - S. Puntillo


Italian, English, French


A priest with a weakness for women is found dead, but an orphan - not seen - witnessed the crime. A woman is found slain and the strange suicide of a suspect satisfies the investigators: the case is closed. Destiny has it that the boy is assigned to the true killer, the priest's secret lover and the investigator's wife-to-be... The orphan's life is in serious danger when his step-mother finds out he had witnessed the stabbing....