movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1946 / R.TIME: 91 ' / black-white


Carmine Gallone


Andrea Checchi - Paolo Stoppa - Lilla Silvi




The story is about three students of a ballet class at La Scala in Milan. One of the three excels in her examinations and, when the Prima Ballerina falls ill, is called upon to take her place, whereby she becomes famous. Three rich suitors inundate her with presents, hoping to win her, but without success, whilst a journalist who knows her to be the daughter of a poor caretaker is passionately in love with her. At a certain moment, it becomes imperative that she make a decision. She invites all three suitors to her house, each one of them hoping to be alone with the girl, but a scene follows which so disgusts her that she abandons the theatre to take refuge in the arms of true love.