movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1960 / R.TIME: 113 ' / colour


Marino Girolami


Walter Chiari - Lorella De Luca - Pierre Cressoy


Italian, German, Persian


SYNOPSIS : Four working girls, Claudia, Franca, Julia and Patrizia each with the sole desire of marrying, will use their savings to go and stay in a luxurious hotel hoping to find the catch. They each have a boyfriend, but unfortunately with no money. The four girls study the guest list to find the eligible men. Claudia chooses the rich Commendatore, Franca goes for a well-known writer, Julia becomes infatuated with a fascinating Duke. Patrizia confesses that she came for a holiday. Claudia marries her rich Commendatore only to see him lose his fortune. Julia's Duke reveals himself a swindler. Franca loses her famous writer, but finds real love with one of the poor boys from home.