movietime - adventureADVENTURE / PROD: 1951 / R.TIME: 80 ' / black-white


Gianni Puccini


Andrea Checchi, Leonardo Cortese, Mariella Lotti, Dante Maggio




In the 12th century, the political relations between Venice, Verona and Vicenza are often tense. At a certain point, Venice acts as peacemaker between Verona and Vicenza: such peace will be guaranteed by the marriage of the fierce Ezzelin, lord of Verona, to the beautiful sister of the lord of Vicenza. The girl, who is in love with the mysterious Captain of Venice, is horrified at the thought of this wedding, but she cannot oppose her brother's will. The date of the wedding is decided, but the two rivals only want to use the ceremony for new treacheries. While one of them comes in with a gang of armed men dressed up as jugglers, the other prepares his ambush. The Captain of Venice has sworn to prevent the marriage and has managed to enter the armed escort of the lord of Verona. The banquet becomes a battle scene, and the Captain of Venice seizes the opportunity to kidnap the girl and take her to safety. In the end, Ezzelin kills his Veronese rival, but the Captain of Venice, in the name of his city, will defeat the latter as well