movietime - adventureADVENTURE / PROD: 1967 / R.TIME: 106 ' / black-white


Denys De La Patellière


Vittorio De Sica - Charles Aznavour - G. Albertazzi


Italian, English


Caroline, nicknamed "Cherie", is from a noble but impoverished family. On the day of the fall of the Bastille she gives her body and soul to Gaston. However, following her father's advice she marries George, who is old and rich. The revolution continues its course; many nobles fall victims of the guillotine, as well as some revolutionaries accused of treason. George flees in order to save his head, but Caroline is arrested. With Gaston's help she eventually regains her freedom, but he joins Napoleon's troops. After Robespierre's death the situation normalizes and George returns to Caroline, but she leaves to join Gaston, her true love.