movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1957 / R.TIME: 93 ' / black-white


Mauro Morassi


M. Arena, I. Schoener, G. Meynier, F. Rame




Aldo is a frivolous youth, passing his time boxing or with women. As boxer he is indeed talented and he would have some chances to make a career, but he is too afraid to be disfigured and therefore fights with too much prudence. With respect to love, he is not capable of any profound feeling and courts all the girls he meets until he is introduced to Laura, a serious and respectable girl who is completely indifferent to his stupid and bold gallantry. Aldo, however, has really fallen in love this time. He goes to visit the girl's mother and, with the help of her little brother, succeeds in overcoming Laura's distrust. The two get engaged and Aldo thinks that there is nothing else for him to do but wait for those circumstances that will allow them to get married. In the meantime, he doesn't renounce his easy love affairs. When Laura finds out about this, she tells him pointblank that she's not willing to stay at the side of such a vain man, who doesn't yet know how to seriously live and love. So Aldo decides to sign up for a boxing match against a boxer who is stronger than he, no matter if he is to be disfigured. Aldo even wins the match, but his face has been badly hurt. But Laura doesn't care if Aldo is less beautiful; what counts is that he has finally understood