movietime - warTHRILLER / PROD: 1980 / R.TIME: 95 ' / colour


Lewis Coates


Ian McCulloch - Louise Marleau - M. Masè - S. Rauch


Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Colombian


Two U.S. spacemen go on mission to Mars. One of them, Hubbard, returns with an incredible tale; the other, Hamilton, is believed dead. Hubbard is forced to retire. A ship arrives in New York harbour with no crew on board, but with a cargo of some strange eggs that cause death by explosion of whoever touches them. Col. Stella Holmes heads the investigation; she asks Hubbard to accompany her to Colombia following the only clue found on the ship: the Colombian Coffee Factory Univer X. At the factory they find an army of hypnotised men headed by Hamilton at the orders of a monstruous Alien. Here the deadly eggs are produced and shipped abroad. Hubbard and the local police manage to defeat the aliens.