movietime - dramaticDRAMATIC / PROD: 1936 / R.TIME: 91 ' / black-white


Mario Mattoli


Emma Grammatica - Luigi Cimara




A noblewoman is in love with a diplomat but unable to fulfill her dream of marrying him, she keeps in touch with him through correspondence. Having become old and poor in the meantime, she is forced to sell the biggest part of her home and to move into the attic. The new owner has a beautiful daughter with whom she becomes very friendly and discoves her to be deeply in love with a handsome aeronautic engineer, but her parents oppose her marriage because he is an orphan. Realizing that the girl is about to repeat the same tragedy she herself has gone through, the noblewoman decides to help the girl. She makes long investigations and eventually discovers that the engineer is actually her nephew, the son of her brother who died just before the boy was born. The new owner loses his riches and the noblewoman regains her lost possessions. In her new position, she is now able to help the couple fulfill their desire to marry.