movietime - historicalHISTORICAL / PROD: 1958 / R.TIME: 90 ' / colour


Arnaldo Genoino


Edmund Purdom - Sandra Milo - S. Lopez - A. Lupo


Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Persian


Herod is the despotic ruler of the Jewish people. Threatened by the possibility of invasion by the Romans he decides to meet with the Roman leader and try to reach an agreement. Before leaving, Herod instructs his servant Aron to kill Miriam if he does not return from his mission. In his absence, the palace plotters spread the rumor that Herod is dead, but Aron does not kill Miriam, he flees to safety with her. Herod succeeds in his mission and returns. He kills the plotters, Miriam and Aron also return, but Herod, obsessed by jealousy, has Aron tortured and Miriam stoned to death. Herod, troubled by the signs of the arrival of Christ and filled with remorse, dies.