movietime - dramaticDRAMATIC / PROD: 1946 / R.TIME: 92 ' / black-white


Giorgio Bianchi


Amedeo Nazzari - Massimo Girotti - Maria Michi


Italian, French


In the aftermath of World War II, Vincenzo salvages a dredger which has been sunk by the Germans in the Tiber river and succeeds in operating it. Paola, his childless wife, is restless and listens to Renato, the dredger's captain, who suggests they elope to America. On the brink of leaving with Renato, she repents and goes back to her husband but a crime takes place in the hotel room which she has just vacated and, on searching the room, the Police find Paola's wedding ring which she has forgotten. Unaware of what has taken place, Paola returns to the hotel to look for her ring, but is followed by her husband whose suspicions have been aroused by a newspaper report he has just read. The story ends in Paola being murdered by her jealous husband.