movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1959 / R.TIME: 100 ' / black-white


Gianni Puccini


N. Manfredi - E. R. Drago - A. M. Ferrero - A. Checchi


Italian, German


It came like a blow when the usual easy and comfortable way of life in a roman company's office was shattered completely beyond restoration: when the Milan headquarters send a very attractive young woman, Miss Jacobetti, to remodernize the office, systematize the clerk's work (meaning Nino) and automatize the business operations in general. Nino's easygoing manners change and, from a warm and charitable character, he becomes paranoid and scheming. Miss Jacobetti came with electric machines, timetables, psychology tests, etc... Nino, peaceful and timid now plans to do away with Jacobetti. His schemes make Miss Jacobetti appear crazy and eventually he manages to have her blunded off to a mental institution. But now Nino himself has changed and, even though the old ways are partially restored to the office, his excessive smoking, drinking and hysteria leads him to the same institution that Miss Jacobetti was sent to.