movietime - adventureADVENTURE / PROD: 1965 / R.TIME: 90 ' / colour


Osvaldo Civirani


Mark Forrest - Rosalba Neri - M. Palmara - R. Ross


Italian, English, French


According to a legend, the town of Uthor is to be liberated from the nomads by the son of one of its kings. The chosen king is Emhar, and his son, Kindar, is supposedly invincible. The prince is, however, snatched from his cradle by Semut, the nomad chief, and is brought up as a warrior. Kindar, in complete ignorance of his parentage, falls in love with Nefar who is his real brother's fiancèe. He fights and wins a duel against Siro, his brother, but does not kill him. Instead, Siro and Nefar return to Uthor. One day Semut orders that Uthor be besieged and all its citizens killed. Kindar's first thought is for Nefar. He climbs the city walls and carries her to safety, where he learns of his true royal origins. He immediately changes alliances and turns his skills to Uthor's advantage and victory. In revenge, Semut has Nefar kidnapped obliging Kindar to save her. In the end Kindar kills Semut, releases Uthor and returns with his bride.