LUCREZIA (L’amante del diavolo)

movietime - dramaticDRAMATIC / PROD: 1968 / R.TIME: 98 ' / colour


Osvaldo Civirani


O. Berova - J. Garko - L. Castel - F. Ressel


Italian, English, French, German


1500: The famous and despotic Borgia family rules Rome. Count Aldrovandi, seeking revenge for the murder of his parents, is wounded by Valentino Borgia's soldiers and cured in a convent... Here he meets Lucrezia, segregated by her brother Valentino, and the two become lovers! In a final conflict, while the Borgias are about to kill all his men, Lucrezia saves Aldrovandi's life by accepting her brother's condition of a diplomatic marriage with Alfonso D'Aragona!