movietime - dramaticDRAMATIC / PROD: 1960 / R.TIME: 100 ' / black-white


Roberto Mauri


E. Crisa, W. Guida, L. Boni, G. Sofio




Two people are murdered in a little village in Sicily. Turi, a friend of one of the murdered men, asks the local mafia boss for help. The mafia starts to investigate and also Turi begins to look for the responsibles of the crime, but without any success. Meanwhile, Turi meets Odette, a French journalist who's come to Sicily to collect data on the activities of the mafia. Turi and Odette like each other, but their lifestyles and mentalities are so different that any deeper feeling seems impossible. Turi continues his investigations and manages to find out that the murder has been ordered by the father of Caterina, Odette's best friend. Caterina is a young school teacher and knows nothing about her father's affairs who tries to make things look as if the mafia was responsible for the crime, but Turi's investigations show that the "organization" had nothing to do with it. Turi declares his love for Odette and the father of Caterina is killed by one of his men before being caught by the mafia