movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1964 / R.TIME: 94 ' / black-white


Antonio Pietrangeli


Claudia Cardinale - Ugo Tognazzi - Gian Maria Volontè


Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Spanish (subtitles)


Andrea is married to beautiful Maria Grazia. Only when he starts an affair with a woman whose reputation in society is of the very best, does he begin to think that if she can maintain such unimpeachable appearances while betraying her husband, then his own wife may easily be doing likewise. Andrea becomes obsessed and tries to discover whether or not Maria Grazia is unfaithful. His wife, weary of Andrea's eternal suspicion, makes up a story about a relationship with Gabriele. Strangely, Andrea's mind is eased. He boldly sets out to come to terms with his rival, but on the way his car bumps into a wall and he ends up in hospital. Once at home, Maria Grazia may have made up the story, but in the meantime Maria Grazia and her husband's doctor become lovers. Andrea now has real cause for concern but he refuses to be suspicious. His difficulties have freed him from jealousy and all he wants is peace.