movietime - dramaticDRAMATIC / PROD: 1957 / R.TIME: 95 ' / black-white


Armando Fizzarotti


M. Fiore - N. Gallo - A. Bufi Landi - O. Solbelli


Italian, Spanish (subtitles)


Beautiful but frivolous Rose plays games with men's emotions. Thus two cousins fight a duel for her; one is killed and the other flees to France. Undaunted and bent on making money fast, Rose signs a contract to dance in a nightclub abroad. She ingenuously has fallen into the hands of a group of white slaves traders but she manages to escape, by fate more than by change. Then she meets Angelo, an italian singer, back home after ten years in America. She falls in love and marries him. But Angelo's father and relatives in his home town are suspicious of the pretty city girl. The situation is complicated by the return of the duel killer from France, who tries to kidnap Rose, but is killed in a shooting with the police; shocked by these events, Rose seeks Angelo's forgiveness. One day, while she is in the barn talking to her mother-in-law, it takes fire. Rose saves her husband's mother and dies a hero in Angelo's arms.