movietime - classicCLASSIC / PROD: 1966 / R.TIME: 81 ' / black-white


Marco Ferreri


U. Tognazzi - G. Germani - C. Faillot - T. Felleghi


Italian, Spanish (subtitles)


THE WEDDING DAY: With a thousand cares the wedding of two pedigree dogs is organized. MARITAL DUTY: A woman exhausted by her husband's passionate demands. The latter, irritated by her refusal, goes to sleep in another room. His wife at this point calls him back gently but when she is ready for him she finds that he is asleep. CONJUGAL HYGIENE: An American couple decide to time and program their love-making. Their habits are then discussed and confronted with those of other married couples. During these meetings, however, the husband takes the opportunity to make out with a friend of his wife. THE HAPPY FAMILY: In a future age, all feelings have vanished, people make use of dummies that imitate to perfection the acts and sexual attractions of men and women. They marry puppets and everything is perfect.