movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1973 / R.TIME: 90 ' / colour


Franco Martinelli


I. Biagini, N. Davoli, R. Garrone, R. Lindt, M. Tulli, S. Bagolini, B. Seani, A. Belletti, P. De Luca


Italian, English, German


Maria Rosa is a chamber-maid in a small hotel in Rome. She attends to an old professor who always wants to kiss her; she tries to hold her young colleague Romolo at bay, but, above all, she likes to watch what happens in the room next to hers (where the clients of the hotel are staying) through a small hole she's found in the wall: a couple of Sicilians on their honeymoon; an old merchant from Romagna who's tried to make love to her; a young couple who's come to the hotel to get drugged; men and women with "particular" tastes, and so forth. While Romolo tries in vain to seduce her, Maria Rosa falls in love with a lonely client who in real life is a dangerous robber. After having found out about the man's true identity, Romolo hands him over to the police and finally Maria Rosa agrees to marry him