movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1958 / R.TIME: 97 ' / black-white


Giorgio Simonelli


Maurizio Arena - Ugo Tognazzi - L. Masiero - A. Lane


Italian, Spanish, German, Persian, Spanish (subtitles)


light-hearted comedy about Maurizio, Domenico, Raffaele and Pietro, a group of young sailors who have an over-powering weakness for women. No matter what the port of call and no matter how short a time the four are on land, they always manage to get into a scrape over a woman. So why should Barcelona be any different? The four disembark, promising the captain as usual that they will stay away from women, but it is not long before Maurizio is trottingoff home with his beautiful catch. Little does the young sailor realize that the only reason this particular floosie is so keen to get his clothes off is that she needs them to disguise her brother who is on the run from a group of arms dealers hungry for his blood. Meanwhile, Maurizio's three companions are all homing-in on their prey when they accidentally stumble on the arms cache. Dutifully, they put business before pleasure and turn it over to the police. This time they leave ship to a hero's send-off and are allowed back to their "woman-chasing" with their captain's if they needed it.