movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1961 / R.TIME: 83 ' / black-white


Filippo Walter Ratti


Maurizio Arena - P. Di Capri - M. Berni - L. Bodine


Italian, German


Antonella, Mara and Bice love their modelling job in a fashion company in Rome, but they are all on the lookout for Mr. right-rich-and-handsom! When Bice wins some money, she invites Antonella and Mara to a very upmarket seaside resort where they hope to encounter "the right type of man". To ensure success, they take some of the best outfits from the company's new collection. Their boss is livid and sends his handsome nephew, Maurizio, after them to retrieve the clothes. Maurizio arrives with his friend Peppino, who just happens to be the singer in the night club at the girls' hotel. The two invite the girls to join them one evening, but the three models turn up with three very fishy men in tow. They look rich and they seem rich, but in fact, just like a lot of the guests at the hotel, they are nothing but phonies seeking a bit of glamour. However, the potentially disastrous situation is salvaged by Peppino and Maurizio, falling for Bice and Antonella, and Mara finding herself a genuine lover.