movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1951 / R.TIME: 85 ' / black-white


Yves Allegret


Jean Marais - Alida Valli


Italian, Spanish, German


Claudia is a medicine student at the University of Paris. One of her classmates, Jerome, suddenly declares his love for her, so they agree to meet in Florence. From there they go to San Gimignano where they rent a flat together. When the time comes to part, Jerome proposes to Claudia, but the war separates them. Jerome fights for his country and is taken prisoner; he escapes from the concentration camp and joins the partisans. After the war, he marries a girl even though he doesn't love her and, soon after, they divorce. He still loves Claudia and one day decides to look for her. After many difficulties, he finds her in a hospital in Rome where she is working as a nurse. Claudia admits that she is living with another man. In spite of this, the two return to San Gimignano, but in vain. The enchantment has gone, the miracle cannot be repeated. Claudia leaves for Rome, but Jerome finds her again, and induces her to stay with him.