movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1966 / R.TIME: 98 ' / black-white


Massimo Franciosa


Anouk Aimee - Sylva Koscina - P. Ferrari - B. Loncar


Italian, Spanish (subtitles)


Giovanni is born lazy; he hates work but is always charming and accomodating where women are concerned and there are certainly plenty of them around. Irene, his ex-girlfriend, visits him every now and again when her husband is out of town, likewise Laura, who ditched him on the day they were to marry. Then there's Antonia, Giovanni's father's middle-aged secretary... But things change when Valeria appears on the scene. She's a successful and dynamic business girl and Giovanni falls under her influence. He becomes active and full of energy, anxious to prove himself in the business world and Valeria is pleased with her new "creation". Giovanni soon tires of his super-active existence, however, and feels nostalgia for his idle lifestyle. To compensate for Valeria's loss, Irene steps in. She's his faithful friend and they've so much in common...!