movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1942 / R.TIME: 82 ' / black-white


Carlo Campogalliani


M. Mercader, T. Gobbi - Loredana




A noblewoman opposes the marriage of her niece to the son of a famous baritone. Many years before, the lady herself had been in love with the singer, but the huge gap between her social condition and his had prevented them from getting married. The night during which she was to elope with the young artist to marry him against her family's will, a brother of hers was killed. Everybody thought that her lover was the culprit, but he was acquitted in court. She becomes the wife of another man, but for her whole lifetime she feels bitterness for that crime. But when she can finally be certain that the singer is innocent, she makes peace with him and gives her consent to the wedding of the two youngsters