movietime - classicCLASSIC / PROD: 1961 / R.TIME: 123 ' / black-white


Michelangelo Antonioni


Marcello Mastroianni - Jeanne Moreau - Monica Vitti


Italian, French, Spanish, German, English (subtitles), Spanish (subtitles)


After ten years of marriage, Giovanni, a successful writer, and Lidia are still very happily married. They visit Tommaso, a friend of theirs, who is gravely ill. After the visit they resume their every-day chores with a troubling sense of anguish. To shake their doldrums, they decide to accept an invitation to dinner by another friend of theirs, a rich industrialist. Here their night begins and their sense of anguish continues. Lidia allows a young man to flirt with her, while Giovanni turns his attention to the industrialist's daughter. Lidia meanwhile receives a phone call telling her that Tommaso has died. Feeling down, she allows her young suitor to take her for a ride in his car. On her return Lidia tells Giovanni of Tommaso's death. They recall their departed friend and Lidia confesses that Tommaso loved her; she, however, had always remained faithful to her husband. They embrace and make desperate love, in reaction to their sudden and bitter deception