movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1957 / R.TIME: 100 ' / black-white


Nanni Loy - Gianni Puccini


Gabriele Ferzetti - Abbe Lane - N. Gray - A. Checchi


Italian, German, French (subtitles)


Desiderio is a gentleman-thief specialized in stealing and faking jewels. He has a reputation of being an expert in precious stones and manages to get a job as director in the famous jewellery shop belonging to Gabriele Bertinori. His aim is to steal a piece of jewellery containing a very valuable diamond and to substitute the real stone with a perfect imitation. He employs a young cabaret singer whose task will be to distract Bertinori, a renowned playboy. Unfortunately, the artist falls in love with Bertinori and ends up telling him of Desiderio's intent to rob him. The jeweller decides to win the thief at his own game. So Desiderio steals the imitation he made himself mistaking it for the real thing. When he realizes his mistake, he phones Bertinori and tells him that after this failure he has decided to give himself up. Bertinori dissuades him and promises to give him back his old job. As for the young singer, she marries Bertinori