movietime - dramaticDRAMATIC / PROD: 1955 / R.TIME: 88 ' / black-white


Giorgio Capitani


Massimo Serato - Balpetre - Lianella Carrel




Neroni gives a small sum to a poor fisherman and takes the man's two young sons, Piero and Nino, to France to work in his glass factory. They work hard and are treated badly. They manage to flee, but Nino is weak and dies and Piero is taken back to the factory. One night Piero goes to visit Nino's grave and at the cemetery he witnesses a clandestine meeting between Baron de La Motte and some partisans of Napoleon who is presently in exile in Italy. Afraid the boy will talk, de La Motte takes him home and learns of his sad story. The unexpected arrival of Napoleon in France allows de La Motte to help Piero return to his family in Italy