movietime - adventureADVENTURE / PROD: 1964 / R.TIME: 86 ' / colour


Roberto Mauri


R. Harrison - P. Solvay - W. Brandi - A. M. Ubaldi


Italian, French, Spanish, German


Mark returns home from Venice to get married and finds his town under the rule of some Turkish pirates led by the brutal Rabanek, known as "the pirate of the Devil". Taken by surprise, Mark is immediately imprisoned with no hope of escaping alive - until his friend, Ranieri, creates a diversion by destroying the pirate's ship and forcing them to fight on land... a real disadvantage. Additional help comes unexpectedly from Rabanek's daughter, who, although knowing Mark is in love with another woman, helps him to escape all the same. With the tide of the battle turning against the pirates, Rabanek tries to escape, but Mark corners him and kills him. A film for all those who love adventure and daring deeds