movietime - dramaticDRAMATIC / PROD: 1950 / R.TIME: 104 ' / black-white


Maurice Cloche


Vivi Gioi - Carlo Ninchi - Jean Tissier


Italian, French, German


Jacques, a mechanic at the Labroue plant, is in love with Jeanne, a widow with two children. To become rich he steals the plans of a new invention, but is caught by Mr. Labroue in the act; he panics and kills his boss then sets the plant on fire. When Jeanne refuses him, he is furious and decides to frame her, so she is sentenced for his crimes. Once in jail she goes mad. Her son, George, brought up by Mr. Castel, becomes a lawyer and her daughter Lucy earns her living as a dressmaker. Regaining her mental health, Jeanne escapes from prison. Meanwhile, Jacques abroad has become rich and returns to France under a false name with his daughter Mary. Fate has it that Lucien Labroue, son of the slain plant owner, becomes Mary's fiancé and manager of Jacques' plant, which results as a mistake for Jacques who is exposed and arrested. Mary dies of shock while Jeanne rejoins her children and forgives the man who had ruined her life