movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1957 / R.TIME: 90 ' / colour


Pino Mercanti


Claudio Villa - Carlo Dapporto - Billi e Riva




Aldo a young barman, has a terrific voice and the owner of the bar, Yvonne an ex-singer, gives him some lessons and tries to help him to start a career. A famous musician who works on the radio lives next door, so some friends of Aldo decide to trick the musician into visiting the bar, but the audition is not successful as they had all hoped it to be. In the meantime, Aldo applies for an entry to a game on the radio and is admitted to a show named "First Applause". The night of the show Aldo has a car accident, but he manages to arrive just in time. His new suit given to him by his friend is damaged so Aldo has to present himself in his working clothes. He obtains a wonderful success and is immediately engaged for a tour. Aldo starts the tour and, dazzled by the spotlights, he falls in love with his partner, Fulvia, forgetting about the true love shown to him by Anna, the cashier of the old bar. This creats much unhappiness until...