movietime - dramaticDRAMATIC / PROD: 1952 / R.TIME: 104 ' / black-white


Lionello De Felice


Giulietta Masina - Luciano Tajoli - Antonella Lualdi


Italian, Spanish, German


Luciano Tajoli is a talented singer but is unable to put his voice to any use because an attack of polio when he was a child left him crippled in a wheel-chair. However, one day he gets a chance to sing on a talent spotting radio programme and becomes an overnight success. He is overwhelmed by fan mail and has never had so much money in all his life. This is where his problems starts. Clara at first seems to be in love with him, but she is just extorting money out of him and handing it over to her real lover. Maria is much more sensitive and understanding and she really does fall in love with Luciano. However, Clara manages to split the couple up so she can still have access to Luciano's money. But Maria only has to hear her beloved singing for her to forget everything and go rushing back to him