movietime - dramaticDRAMATIC / PROD: 1965 / R.TIME: 85 ' / black-white


Renato Polselli


F.Franchi - C.Ingrassia - G.Paul - L.Gastoni - A.Tieri


Italian, German


Lorenzo, an italian immigrant, has made his fortune in Argentina. He marries the indomitable Erika and has two sons. One day the two boys have an accident and need fulltime attention, but if Lorenzo thinks he can order his wife to give up her job to stay at home and nurse them, he has got another thing coming; Erika does not take kindly to her husband's "order" and immediately demands a legal separation and control of Lorenzo's property. Taking his two sons with him, Lorenzo flees to Italy where he finds out that Erika has married him bigamously. He annuls the marriage. Single, but still with two sons, Lorenzo looks around for another wife. He has always had a soft spot for his secretary back in Argentina and invites her to join him in Italy. She does so without hesitation. When he asks her to marry him, she accepts but mentions that she is in fact already married! Poor Lorenzo... perhaps he ought to stick to italian women!