movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1960 / R.TIME: 110 ' / black-white


Luigi Comencini


Sylva Koscina - F. Fabrizi - W. Chiari - A. M. Ferrero


Italian, Spanish, German, Persian, Spanish (subtitles)


This delightful study of the world of love in miniature recounts the trials and tribulations of three men and as many women, attempting to choose themselves the best partner. Didi is bored to tears with Ferdinand, he's such a fool! What she longs for is a bit of excitement Marianna on the other hand finds the aggressivenes and ebullience of Battista extremely wearing and thinks Ferdinand is sheer bliss in comparison. The two decide to swop partners which proves to be a telling experience to all concerned! Maria Rosa also secretly fantasizes a relationship with Ferdinand and, just to complicate matters, Gaspare, a very cautious young man, is on the lookout for a nice girl to take home to mummy. The fun of the film lies in the change in personality involved in changing partners!