movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1960 / R.TIME: 104 ' / black-white


Gian Luigi Polidoro


F.Fabrizi - F.Interlenghi - L.Trieste - M.Carotenuto




Fabrizio, Peppino and Alessio go to Sweden, partly to check out the swedish girls and partly to carry out some clandestine business. When they arrive they meet Alberto who puts his knowledge of the country and his office at the disposer of his fellow countrymen. Alessio is invited to the house of a girl whom he has met in the street, but is kicked out when he offers her money as if she were a prostitute. Fabrizio manages to lure Ingrid, a policewoman, to Alberto's flat by telling her lots of tall stories. However, once in the flat, he gives himself away when he realizes that some of their stock has been stolen and he is reported. Alberto has stolen the stock to pay off his debts and get his passport back, and has now returned to Italy. Peppino meets Anita at a dance and escorts her home, where he is entertained. The following morning her parents wish to thank him, but for various reasons the young man feels they are pushing him to marry her, and so he escapes. However, when the time comes for the friends to return to Italy, he stays behind in Sweden