movietime - comedyCOMEDY / PROD: 1956 / R.TIME: 99 ' / black-white


Antonio Racioppi


Vittorio De Sica - Giovanna Ralli - Abbe Lane


Italian, English, French, Persian, Spanish (subtitles)


The film gives us a glimpse of various situations gone through by the clients of a small hotel during their holidays: Dolores' husband must leave shortly after he arrives; she decides to occupy her time with Checco, the hotel chauffeur, but the husband returns to fetch her just before the romance begins. Luciano, a medical student, is ashamed to admit he is the son of the head-waiter. Silvana and her parents are also guest at the hotel. She is engaged to a mature man, but would like to leave him for Luciano. Another guest is a middle-aged man who has his tonsils removed so he can stop snoring and thus please his girl-friend