movietime - musicalMUSICAL / PROD: 1963 / R.TIME: 71 ' / black-white


Filippo Crivelli


G. Sciutti - F. Donni - F. Jacopucci


Italian, German


Julia and Dorvil marry secretely. The morning after Dorvil lets himself out of Julia's house by means of a silken ladder, before the servant Germano and Julia's cousin, Lucilla, call her. They have been sent by Julia's guardian, who wishes her to marry Blancsac. Julia tries to get him to marry Lucilla, who is in love with him, and in the meantime tells Germano to spy on Blancsac. Blancsac, knowing nothing of the secret marriage, asks Dorvil to hide so that he can judge from his conversation with Julia whether she loves him or not. Julia, thinking of Lucilla, measures her words very carefully while her hidden husband erupts with jealousy. Blancsac believes Julia to be in love with him, but at the midnight appointment everyone happens to be present due to misunderstandings and in the end each couple is sorted out