movietime - warWAR / PROD: 1952 / R.TIME: 95 ' / black-white


Riccardo Freda


G. M. Canale, C. Giustini, R. Baldini, E. Toniolo, E. Viarisio




During World War I, the count Riccardo Dolfin lives with his wife Giovanna and his son in a castle on the Piave. His wife is a convinced patriot, while the count doesn't seem to be interested in political matters. One day, the count suddenly decides to join the army: the countess is worried, but she is also proud about her husband's decision. The count, however, has no desire to take part in the war in active combat, but he just wants to do his shady business with war supplies. Giovanna goes to Verona to visit her sick child and there finds her husband. After a violent quarrel, Giovanna decides to leave her husband. Meanwhile, in Caporetto the Italian army is close to defeat. In spite of the good advice of her friends, Giovanna returns to the castle with her son. The whole region is invaded by the enemy, and an Austrian officer even tries to rape the countess who is saved by an old servant. The count is deeply shaken by his country's misfortune and he asks to be sent to the front. There he fights like a lion and is badly injured. After the war, the count and the countess meet at the castle to discuss the terms of their divorce; but when Giovanna finds out that her husband has fought so bravely she asks for his forgiveness and stays with him